7 Things To Know Before You buy a Swim Suit online this Summer

7 Things To Know Before You buy a Swim Suit online this Summer

Amy Humphries-Unsplash

I know I’m not alone when I say I love to shop online.

But I’m surprised how many devoted online shoppers say they’ll never buy swimwear online because they think they have to try it on first.

They have a good point: swimwear is hard to shop for. It’s tough to find a suit that fits your unique body.

But I’m here to convince you that shopping online has many advantages if you do it right. You get to avoid hideous dressing room lighting, an overwhelming sales floor, judgmental (at least in your head) salespeople, and the pressure to decide right then which suit to take home.

In order to find a great suit that fits online, you’ve gotta play by the rules—and choose your retailer with care. Here’s how to buy a swimsuit you love—and that actually fits—online.

How to buy a swimsuit online

  • 1. Know what you’re looking for
    This post will help you clarify what you’re looking for in a swimsuit. 
  • 2. Determine your (ballpark) size
    Take your measurements and study the size chart on the website. Read the body type recommendations and check out the reviews to get a feel for sizing. Great retailers encourage you to call or live chat if you have any questions. If you have questions, ask.
  • 3. Order your favourite suit in at least 2 sizes
    Order the size you think you need according to the size chart, then order the next size that’s most likely to fit. If you love the suit but are really unsure what size is for you, order 3 sizes. This is the time to go overboard.
  • 4. Just try it
    You can’t know how it will look until you try it on. This is truer for swimsuits than for any other piece of clothing. It might look awesome or it might be downright embarrassing, but if a certain design catches your eye, you have to try it to find out. So just order it. It’s much easier and cost-effective to place all your orders at once.
  • 5. See how they look
    Try your swimsuits on in good lighting, when you’re in a good mood, in the privacy of your own home (yay!). See how you look, see how you feel. Do a little dance and make sure it stays in place.
  • 6. Return the suits that don’t work by mail or at the local bricks-and-mortar location
    This works great if you follow rule 7…
  • 7. For a satisfying online shopping experience, the most important thing is to choose your retailer carefully
    Not every store is great for online shopping. You want to order from an established company that makes returns easy and inexpensive.

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