Do You Wear Underwear Under Swimsuits?

Do You Wear Underwear Under Swimsuits?

Although it may seem like an obvious question, many people wonder if they should wear underwear under their one-piece swimsuit? In general, you should never have to wear any underwear under your swimsuit. If it is one piece, you don’t need to wear a bra or panties.

Many people may want to know why one shouldn’t wear any underwear under swimsuits. Isn’t it too revealing and uncomfortable? In reality, you are more covered up than you think you are. Here are more details about how the swimsuits are built

Swimsuits vs Underwear

Swimsuits are made of certain types of material that are suitable for water use. These types of materials can withstand pool chemicals such as chlorine. They also absorb less water and dry out faster!

In comparison, most undergarments are made from less durable materials such as cotton, that can be easily ruined by pool water. Regular underwear will also absorb a significant amount of water, which increases drag and makes swimming more difficult, and underwear will take significantly longer to dry.

Swimsuits are specifically made to eliminate the need for wearing underwear. Swimsuits for women usually have special lining and additional padding in the bust and crotch areas. Both are added to make the swimsuit more comfortable and to prevent visibility of one’s private parts!

Here is how to check for lining: take your swimsuit and turn it inside out. Look for the second layer of the material under the main layer (it is usually white, but can be any colour). In addition to the lining, swimwear tops can have underwire for additional support, therefore acting as a bra.

Is there any time I should wear underwear underneath a swimsuit?

If your swimsuit doesn’t have enough support, you can try to wear a bra underneath it.  Females can wear panties with board shorts for additional comfort

Some just want extra support to wear underwear. However, most of these and similar problems can be eliminated by simply choosing a better swimsuit.

Can I Wear Swimsuit as an Undergarment?

Although a swimsuit can function as underwear, it is not recommended to use it in such a way. Swimsuits can irritate skin and become uncomfortable over a long period of usage. Underwear is made specifically for prolonged wear. It is made from breathable, moisture-absorbent materials that are pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear. In addition, underwear is cheaper and will survive longer than a swimsuit worn as underwear.

Here are the reasons why you should never wear underwear under your swimsuit:

  • Underwear material is not made to be worn in the pool or any kind of water
  • It will be ruined by the swimming pool water chemical
  • It will absorb water, making it harder to swim
  • It will almost always be visible from underneath the swimsuit, which can look unpleasant and unattractive
  • It can be very uncomfortable
  • Underwear and clothes can transport dirt and disease to the pool, harming other swimmers.

Image: Amy Humphries-unsplash