How to Wash Your Swimwear


How to Wash Your Swimwear

All swimwear should come with specific care instructions on the label. However, there are dos and don’ts when considering how to wash them. Below is a care guide to keep your swimwear to be kept in the best condition for as long as possible.


  • How you hand wash your swimsuit makes a big difference, too. Rinse again by hand in cold water after removing your swimwear. You can wash it with a mild soap and tap water as water alone will not remove chlorine or saltwater
  • Rinse your swimwear after swimming – wear in the shower when you get out (but don’t use any shower gels!)
  • Hang to dry in the shade or inside to dry naturally and ensure fully dried before wearing again
  • Make sure to wash your swimsuit after each and every wear—even if you don’t go in the water. Sunscreens contain ingredients that can be damaging to the fabric
  • Be cautious in spas or heated pools as these have extra chemicals in and so can shorten the life of your swimwear.


  • Avoid leaving your swimwear rolled up in the towel after use. This allows the chlorine to have more time in the fabric and also allows bacteria to breed
  • Never wash your swimwear in a washing machine or dry it in a tumble dryer. Washing machines and detergents will damage your swimwear even if it’s done just the once.
  • Do not use iron as the high temperatures can cause your swimsuit to disintegrate. If you want to get rid of any wrinkles, rinse in the water again and the creases should fall out
  • Don’t hang a swimsuit on a metal rod to dry. Hanging can alter the shape of the garment, while the metal rod could leave a rust mark that’s impossible to get out
  • Don’t let a swimsuit dry directly in the sun. This may cause fading
  • Don’t soak a swimsuit overnight. This can loosen fibres
  • Don’t sit on rough surfaces while wearing a swimsuit. The concrete beside the pool or wood from the lounge chairs may snag the swimsuit material. Always lay down a towel before you sit
  • Never use chlorine bleach even if your costume is chlorine resistant, as chlorine resistant does not mean it is totally chlorine proof.

Other Useful Tips

Start with a good quality swimsuit and it will last longer – most brands we sell at Simply Swim have a 100% chlorine resistant range. These suits can last up to 25 times longer than conventional elastane swimwear.

Change your swimwear

You should avoid using the same swimsuit more than once in 24 hours. Because Spandex is a memory yarn your swimwear will need 24 hours to dry and go back to its original shape. This will stop your costume from bagging and stretching.

Avoid hot tubs!

Hot tubs are extremely hard on your swimming costume, the bromine and extreme temperatures will fade and stretch your suit faster than anything else.

No oil contact

Oil-based products such as sun creams and lotions can cause the elasticity in your swimsuit to break down causing your suit to lose its shape.

Image: Analise Benevides-unsplash